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Custom hydraulic reservoirs for your application needs

February 10, 2021
Steve McElroy – Director of Business Development

Photo provided by Curry Fluid Power


If the heart of a hydraulic system is the pump then the blood would be the oil. That oil needs a home where it can be cleaned and cooled on a constant basis—that’s where hydraulic reservoirs come in.

Hydraulic reservoirs come in a variety of styles (blocks, round, and upright), materials (steel, aluminum, and polyethylene), and sizes (seven gallons to 100 plus gallons); which are suitable for a wide-range of applications.

However, not every customer can use these standard parts—customization is crucial.

Additionally, not every truck that comes off the line is the same shape and size; and with yearly regulation changes, a standard reservoir may fit, but oftentimes some customization may be necessary.

The hydraulic reservoir is just one cog in the hydraulic system wheel, and Muncie Power Products has the resources and capabilities to make custom units to fit customers’ specific needs.

In fact, Muncie Power has made more than 240 different custom designs to date, and can design and build any configuration in multiple materials.

Oftentimes, the pieces that are made are for specific customers rather than certain industries or applications; they are one of a kind pieces.

For example, Muncie Power received a request from a dump body manufacturer to design a custom reservoir that could house two 12-volt DC Power Pack units. Our ability to supply the reservoir and DC Power Pack units assembled allowed them to eliminate labor and having to use multiple vendors—saving both time and cost.

The specially designed reservoirs could be for any variety of hydraulic systems, including mobile equipment, tow and recovery vehicles, bulk transportation systems, aerial devices, and utility equipment.

With endless possibilities in hydraulic systems, a team of engineers and product designers work closely with customers to ensure they are meeting their needs in regards to size, volume, and their requirements.

“Muncie Power’s ability to design, build, and assemble the specialty reservoir and system saved Curry valuable time, effort, and ultimately money,” said Mike Smith of Curry Fluid Power

Additionally, as the industry changes and space becomes more of an issue, engineers and designers have to keep up with how that could affect the design. It takes adaptivity and creativity to fill some of the requirements in the allotted space.

Green initiatives and ever-changing regulations make frame space availability more difficult each and every year. With design ability and multiple materials, Muncie Power has the flexibility to adapt quickly to these changes.

“The process was quick and easy, and we are very satisfied with the results,” said Smith.

From the drawing room to a functioning piece of equipment, Muncie Power recognizes that hydraulic reservoir customization is key.