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A multinational organization with a global impact in water jetting, flow handling, hydraulics, and power transmission markets.

Founded in 1977 by Fulvio Montipò in Italy, the Interpump Group has built its reputation as the world’s largest producer of professional high-pressure piston pumps. In 1990, the company began to expand beyond piston pumps by making acquisitions of leading manufacturing companies in other markets.


North american hydraulic & power transmission markets

Interpump Group expands to become one of the largest providers of PTOs, hydraulics, and power transmission products

Muncie Power Products joined Interpump Group in 1999, which has provided opportunities to expand our product offerings in North America. As a member of the Interpump Group, Muncie Power is the exclusive supplier of both Interpump Hydraulics and Interpump Fluid Solutions.

Interpump Hydraulics is the combination of multiple well-known manufacturers with decades of experience in the work truck industry working together. Through this partnership, Muncie Power is able to expand its PTO and hydraulics offerings with the addition of products such as rear- and engine-mount PTOs, piston pumps, and tipper valves to North America while maintaining the high level of quality you trust.


Muncie Power is the only provider of Interpump Fluid Solutions in North America. Located in Europe, Interpump Fluid Solutions has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and is made up of multiple manufacturers who form one of the leading providers of hose, fittings, machines, and accessories across the world. Through this partnership, Muncie Power can offer a complete line of high-quality fluid conveyance products to North America.


Members of the Interpump Group in North America


American Mobile Power

A leader in hydraulic reservoir manufacturing and distribution



Hydra Dyne Technology

Designs and manufactures custom hydraulic components 



Muncie Power Products

A leading manufacturer of PTOs and provider of fluid power components



RR USA, Inc. 

A leading manufacturer of planetary reduction gears, wheel gears, and negative brakes




A leading manufacturer of integrated hydraulic products, electronics, and complete mechatronics systems

walvoilusa.com | walvoilcanada.com


White Drive Motors & Steering 

Develops innovative, durable, high-performing, and efficient hydraulic products