Hydraulic Oil Filters

Muncie return line filters provide an effective and economical means of protecting and prolonging the life of any hydraulic system. Muncie return line filters are available in 25, 50 and 100 GPM sizes, with optional element condition indicator gauge. The 50 GPM size is an industry standard and is interchangeable with many other popular brands, providing opportunities for replacement element sales. High pressure filters are available in 37, 45 and 55 GPM sizes and are rated to 10 micron (nominal or absolute) up to 3000 PSI. High pressure filtration is often required to meet the demands of high horsepower, continuous duty applications.

  • Flow rates from 24 - 100 GPM: Choose the correct filter for your flow rate
  • Industry standard elements: Easy to maintain
  • Optional filter indicator gauge: Easy to tell when filter element needs replacement
  • Keep your oil clean: Contamination and its many forms
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  Model Number
Model Style
Media Type
Micron Rating
Bypass Settings
Port Type
Port Size
Gauge No.* Replace. Element
Return Line  
  RLF(G)-25 A C 10 25 NPT (2) -16 FG-4 RE-25
  RLF(G)-501 B C 10 25 NPT (2) -20 FG-4 RE-501
  RLF(G)-100 C C 10 25 NPT (2) -24 FG-4 RE-501
  RLF(G)-101 C C 25 25 NPT (2) -24 FG-4 RE-101
  RLF(G)-241-L10G25P66 A G 10 25 NPT (2) -16 FG-4 RE-241L10G
  RLF(G)-501-L10G25P77 B G 10 25 NPT (2) -20 FG-4 RE-501L10G
Tank Top Return Line  
  TRLF(G)-501 E C 10 25 NPT (2) -20 FG-4 TRE-501
  TRLF(G)-503 E C 10 15 ODT (1) -20 FG-3 TRE-501
  TRLF(G)-503-10G25S77 E G 10 25 ODT (1) -20 FG-4 TRE-50110G
  49T37524 E C 10 25 ODT (2) -20/24 FG-4 TRE-503(2)
Pressure Line  
  PLFR-451-10C50S55** D C 10 50 ODT (2) -12 NA PRE-45110C
  PLFR-451-10C50S66** D C 10 50 ODT (2) -16 NA PRE-45110C

*Add letter G to model number to include gauge. All gauge ports are 1/8 NPT
**Requires two mounting kits: PLFR-451-MK

Note: Use electrical indicator switch part no. PM-515A to replace visual indicator FG-4. Does not include wiring and panel light.