SPD-2000 System Protection Device

The SPD-2000 Series can protect auxiliary systems based upon the state of interlocks, truck speed, brake activation, engine RPM, outrigger position, and more. It is programmable and can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle cab. 

The SPD-2000 is available in three configurations, compatible with 12 V or 24 V systems, and capable of sourcing up to 5 amps of continuous duty.



  • Senses truck's MPH or RPM signal and automatically disengages a clutch pump or PTO coil if the overspeed threshold is exceeded.
  • Sealed components are resistant to tampering and can be mounted in the cab or engine compartments. 
  • Plug and play option available for chassis equipped with OBD II port, enabling module to directly sense MPH or RPM from the chassis.  (Typically all class 5 vehicles, F650 and F750 chassis equipped with OBD port) 
  • Retrofit fit option available to replace SPD-1001D module to SPD-2000 module. 
Installation Instructions

• Max Output: PTO or Clutch Coil — 5 Amps

• Max Output: Indicator Light — 5 Amps

• Operating Temperature Range: -40º C to 85º C (-40º F to 185º F)

• Operating Voltage Range: 7–30 VDC

• Accept RPM or MPH sine or square wave (1 Hz to 10 Khz)

• Overcurrent protection