A Cooperative Design Effort

April 24, 2018
Whitney VanKlaveren – Marketing Communications Coordinator

Featured in Muncie Power Quarterly, Issue 2, 2018

Released in the first quarter of 2018, Muncie Power Products offers the TG Series and 82 Series power take-off (PTO) options compatible with the new Eaton Endurant and PACCAR Transmission with the E80 input gear.

The new Eaton Endurant and PACCAR Transmission require a seal plate gasket to withstand the specialty oil (Eaton PS386) used by the transmission. For this reason, a seal plate gasket is used instead of a paper gasket for the compatible TG Series and 82 Series.

Beyond its ability to withstand the specialty oil used by the transmission, the seal plate gasket also allows the installer to mount the PTO without checking backlash. This seal plate gasket is part of a cooperative design effort between Eaton and Muncie Power.

Both the modified TG Series and 82 Series PTOs are available in air shift only. The TG Series is available in seven speed ratios and the 82 Series in six speed ratios for the Eaton Endurant and PACCAR Transmission.