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  • The P60 Series Pto Is Available For The Paccar Tx 8 Transmission

The P60 Series PTO is Available for the Paccar TX-8 Transmission

June 20, 2024
Jim Abbott – Product Planning and Application Engineer

The P60 Series power take-off (PTO)—which is manufactured by our sister company, Interpump Hydraulics—is available for the PACCAR TX-8 transmission.

The PACCAR TX-8 is a medium-duty, automatic transmission available only in PACCAR trucks. The PTO opening is a proprietary 8-bolt pad, located on both sides of the transmission. The transmission is manufactured by ZF and will have a ZF tag on the transmission with POWERLINE listed as the model.

Basic specifications for the P60 Series PTO:

  • 258 lbs.ft. continuous/intermittent torque rating
  • 121% of engine speed
  • Aluminum housing
  • Air shift only
  • Available for right or left-hand opening (dual PTO applications not permitted at this time)
  • Available with SAE B 2- and 4-bolt, DIN 5462, or 1310 companion flange outputs

Please note that direct-mount hydraulic pumps over 20 lbs. (including hoses, fittings, etc.) will require a pump support bracket.

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Stationary and crawl modes are the only available PTO modes at this time. Mobile mode is not available.

The transmission can only support a single PTO. Applications using two PTOs are not permitted.

Trucks must be ordered with the correct PTO prep codes to have the correct PTO capability.

PTO Prep Codes

4233510 – Park Brake Interlock for Transmission Mounted PTO 

4233900 – (1) Dash MTD Single Acting EOA PTO CTRL Electric Over Air 

The P58 Series also requires one of the following:

4257110 – LH Mounted Trans PTO Provisions

4257120 – RH Mounted Trans PTO Provisions

For installation information: