How to use the PTO Builder

March 16, 2021
Josh Reimer – Field Sales Managers


Selecting the correct power take-off (PTO) might be intimidating. After all, we are talking about taking mechanical power from a transmission and converting it into mobile power for work trucks.

A tool available for everyone is the Muncie Power Products PTO Builder and requires no commitment or no login. With more and more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), truck equipment dealers (TEDs) and channel partners seeing the demand for mobile hydraulics increasing; the need for a tool to design and select a PTO is vital.

“The PTO builder by Muncie [Power] is a great tool used by the Springfield Tractor parts team on a weekly basis,” said Mike Weakly, parts manager at Springfield Tractor and Trailer Sales, Inc. “When customers call with a transmission model, and application they are going to use the PTO for.”

Let’s look at how we can use this tool to build a PTO that fits your work truck need!

Information you’ll need prior to configuring a PTO:

  • Transmission manufacturer
  • Transmission model number
  • Which side of the transmission the PTO will be on? (Drivers-Left, Bottom, or Curb-Right)
  • What percent or what RPM will be required for the application? You can learn more about how to find the PTO percentage by clicking here.

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Once this information has been gathered there are multiple ways to begin configuring your PTO. The most common way to get the PTO Builder is to go to the “Power take-off” tab in the top navigation, in the middle under “Resources” select “PTO Builder.”

Or you can follow the steps below and configure your PTO: 



Then, the PTO model number will be displayed. Additionally, a build ID will be created allowing you to save the information or e-mail it as needed.

Also on this page, it will display any additional components required such as spacers or stud kits. If those are required, the part number and description will display automatically.

“It will tell you if you need an adapter or any other items with that application. Those little things make us a more efficient parts team to our growing customer base,” said Weakly.

Muncie Power is committed to helping members of the work truck industry determine the correct PTO model to meet their requirements. This user-friendly, online PTO Builder is designed to help.

“Our team and I can have price and availability to the customer in a matter of minutes,” said Weakly, who has 15 years of experience in part sales.

Customer service has been a priority since day one at Muncie Power, and are available to assist anyone with finding the PTO they may need. Reach out to the team of customer service managers at 1-800-367-7867.