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Innovating the F20 for the Ford 10-speed transmission

June 01, 2020
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist

Updated January 6, 2021



When Ford Motor Company launched their 2020 truck models in December 2019, they integrated a new, 10-speed transmission into numerous Super Duty models; including the F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, and F-600. This transmission features a unique 10-bolt mounting pattern which required Muncie Power Products to develop a new power take-off (PTO) to fit these trucks.

The new PTO, the F20, is a 10-bolt, clutch shift PTO specifically designed for Ford’s 10R140 10-speed transmission. The F20 is applicable for a number of markets including tow and recovery, refuse, dump, utility, and snow plows. At 130% of engine speed, the PTO utilizes the full transmission torque capacity of 300 lbs.ft. It also features both direct and round shaft output options and a pre-configured wiring harness.

Muncie Power had a lot of success with the spring loaded design to dampen noise on the FR6Q; the goal was to find a way to replicate that design in the F20. This was a challenge because the new 10R140 transmission does not require a PTO adapter to extend into the transmission, like the FR6Q did on the 6R140 transmission. In the transmission, the PTO gear in the transmission is much closer to the PTO mounting aperture, meaning the PTO does not have to reach into the transmission as far to engage the PTO gear. This, combined with space constraints, required Muncie Power to develop a new design.

Product Manager Jim Abbott worked with the idea of utilizing relative motion between the transmission and PTO gears, which led to placing springs in a newly designed carrier to create a sliding motion in the F20. This carrier holds the input gear and slides up and down against the springs—essentially creating some cushion—to remove the gear rattle when the PTO is unloaded. The springs are on the top side of the carrier and when the PTO clutch is disengaged, they act like shock absorbers on a car.

Internal Speed Code Ratio % of Engine Speed Intermittent HP @ 1,000 RPM Intermittent Torque lbs.ft.
12 130% 50 (37 kW) 261 (354 Nm)


After Abbott came up with the idea for the springs in the F20, Principal Engineer Tom Funk began working out the details on how to effectively incorporate it within the PTO. This involved integrating new shoulder bolts for the carrier to slide on as well as a unique gasket design. While the sliding mechanism was the focus on the F20, it wasn’t the only new design change.

Keeping focus on the customer, the PTO needed to be easier to install; and there are a few ways the F20 achieves that. Engineers worked on the architecture of the PTO housing to allow accessibility for torquing and installation, and used common 10 mm 12 pt fasteners to minimize the number of tools required to install it. Additionally, the F20 features internal pressure lubrication, unlike the external lubrication tube setup found on the FR6Q, allowing for easier assembly as well as eliminating a potential leak point.

The F20 is available for both gas and diesel applications and is applicable with the Muncie Start®, which eliminates torque spikes upon start up for high-inertia loads.

The F20 is the PTO solution for the new Ford 10-speed transmission.




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An electronically controlled, modulated clutch engagement system that eliminates torque spikes upon start up for high-inertia loads. Use shift codes GS (Gas Engine) or DS (Diesel Engine)


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