New Snow and Ice Control Package for Small Trucks

May 27, 2021
Mike Knox – Production Manager – Snow & Ice Division

All of the big truck features in a small truck package—the Omni-System One-ton Package—is designed for Ford F-550, F-650, and F-750 applications requiring the same feel and performance as the Omni-System and Omni-System Plus snow and ice control solutions.

The in-cab controls for the One-ton Package are identical to what the Class 7 trucks have, providing operators with the same look and feel when equipment requirements change. It also features ground-speed oriented controls with data logging capabilities as well as drive-by data downloading for fleet managers. The ease of operation for the drivers also provide the same level of quality as those found in larger trucks.

This one-ton system also utilizes CAN BUS communication between the in-cab controls and hydraulic valves, which means minimal conductors are required to be routed externally to the cab. This communication protocol provides instantaneous actuator response while continuously monitoring system performance.

While the Omni-System One-ton Package features a tactile controller with an easy-to-use layout, there is also the ability to upgrade to a 7" touchscreen. The 7" touchscreen, commonly available with the Omni-System Plus, displays operating parameters as well as camera inputs. Camera inputs, also commonly available with the Omni-System Plus, can be placed in up to four locations; for example backup, hopper, wing plow, and spreader. Also in the 7" touchscreen controller has the ability to have video playback for operator training purposes to help shorten the learning curve. Operators are able to have various joystick control options with fully proportional cylinder controls.

In the cab, space can be tight and make it difficult to have the exact same control setup as some of the larger trucks. With this one-ton system, there is an optional center seat headrest attachment that places the controls at the operator’s finger tips. The attachment can be removed when the Omni-System One-ton Package is not in use.

The manifold valve assembly utilizes PWM cartridge valves for accurate, repeatable performance. The unit comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed—making installation easy. The standard assembly controls a 2-function plow, hoist, auger, and spinner. Additional equipment—like wing plows, tarp covers, and side dumps—can be accommodated within a larger footprint.

Electronic flow sharing allows multiple functions to operate simultaneously, even with a fixed displacement gear pump.

The frame-mounted 25 gallon valve-tank enclosure fits inside a 2' cube, and can be built of powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel. A filter, breather-fill cap, baffle plate, harnessing, and weather-tight lid complete the enclosure making it a turnkey installation setup. Add a pump and PTO and you’re ready to clear roads, drives, and parking lots.

The Omni-System One-ton Package has all of the features and options found in a top-of-the-line system, supplied in a smaller package for Ford work trucks.

For more information on the Omni-System One-ton Package or to get a quote for your specific requirements call 800-367-7867, ext. 2287 or ext. 2288, or email