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Proper power take-off installation with specifically designed tool kit

March 11, 2022
Keith Skinner – Field Sales Manager

The Allison Rugged Duty Series transmission has become one of the most popular choices for many truck applications. This transmission offers many benefits including being fully automatic, fuel efficient, less driver fatigue, and a power take-off (PTO) provision, to name a few.

Its large size fills the frame area of the largest trucks, making PTO installation a challenge. Muncie Power Products’ A20 Series clutch shift PTO and the A30 Series constant drive PTO units are tailored to fit applications utilizing the Allison 3000 and 4000 Rugged Duty Series transmissions.

Even though these PTOs are made for these transmissions, like installing any PTO, there is limited space and some bolts are not as easy to reach. Complementing the A20 and A30 Series PTOs is an installation tool kit created specifically to make proper installation easier.

This tool kit provides the tools needed to properly torque every bolt as well as some adapters that allow easier access to some of the harder-to-get to bolts with a torque wrench. This kit includes specialty box end wrenches, sockets, torque wrench, and miscellaneous hand tools shown below.

Hews Truck Bodies and Equipment, a 95-year truck equipment distributor, specializing in crane installations, has found this tool kit a time-saver in their shop. President of Operations Drew Hews finds the specialty tools are important to obtain correct torque values.

“The new tool kit and it’s variety of wrenches now allows us to get a torque wrench on all the mounting bolts,” said Hews.

In the past, Hews shared they had difficulty accessing some of the mounting fasteners, due to clearance issues. With the installation tool kit, the technicians at Hews Equipment, have been able to properly torque all of the mounting bolts on Allison 3000 and 4000 Rugged Duty Series transmissions.

When time is money, this kit also saves technicians time by not needing to search for the correct tools or finding tools that are easily passed between technicians. This installation tool kit also comes in a convenient pouch—keeping everything in one place and making the task easier. While it was designed for the A20 and A30 Series PTOs, these tools can be used with most other PTO installations.

Hitting all the marks, this kit is an organized, time-saver that provides all the necessary tools to aide in  a smoother installation.