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The TG Series PTO: A tried-and-true solution for most vocational applications

July 29, 2022
Skylar Furney – Field Sales Manager

TG Series PTOs being assemblied in Muncie, Indiana in 1996.


In 1982, Muncie Power released the TG Series power take-off (PTO) into the marketplace. At the time, the TG Series was revolutionary because of the 3-gear design along with the integral 8-bolt housing. It was swiftly accepted into the market, and continues to be a tried-and-true PTO across several industries.


Versatility for almost any job

The TG Series can be configured to meet the speed, torque, and horsepower requirements of most vocational applications. It’s available with 10 different ratio speeds for you to pick the correct speed needed to match the size of your pump and the flow your system requires.

This PTO has 18 output shaft options and 51 input gears for nearly all popular transmissions.

It also features 17 different shift types; the most common of these being manual/air, electric/air, and cable shift. The TG Series has an electric/hydraulic shift option available; this eliminates the need for shift cables and is useful for when your truck does not have an air source available.

The compact size of the PTO and the die-cast aluminum housing reduces weight and noise, has better heat dissipation over a cast iron housing, and minimizes mounting interference. The 6- and 8-bolt housing options, modular design, and rotatable hydraulic flanges for maximum pump clearance also allow for simple installation and flexibility for repairs.

Its constant mesh input gear isolates the transmission from engagement errors, adding to the TG Series' continued simplicity and versatility throughout the years.


A 6-bolt TG Series PTO being assembled in Muncie, Indiana.


Ease of serviceability

Photo of an 8-bolt TG Series without the input gear and shift cover for a kit build.The TG Series is unique to Muncie Power’s offerings because it gives distributors the option to utilize the Kit Program for this series.

When ordering for the kit program, the PTO can be ordered in a variety of ways. The most common way would be to order the base PTO without the input gear and shift cover, as shown in the photo to the right. This allows the distributor to simply drop in the needed gear and bolt on the desired shift option. 

Joe Back, of General Truck Parts, has taken advantage of our TG Series Kit Program for many years. Joe, who has been in the trucking industry since 2002, is familiar with TG Series—and its other comparable PTOs. According to Joe, the TG Series is just easier to work on.

Learn more about our TG Series Kit Program

He prefers to keep the TG Series in stock; which provides the ability to reduce your inventory requirements. An additional way to reduce inventory costs would be stocking your TG Series PTOs with the most common output shaft and flange types, along with stocking shaft/flange kits for the less popular applications to swap out when needed.

If you are reordering a TG unit or if you are needing to identify a TG Series that was built using the Kit Program, always check with an authorized Muncie Power distributor—such as General Truck Parts who utilizes the Kit Program. Further, if you are repairing or changing parts on a TG Series unit yourself please refer to our warranty statement before doing so.


Continued relevance

Given the longevity of the transmissions that the TG Series can mount to, those transmissions are becoming more relevant in the aftermarket and seeing second life uses in just about every market we serve. While the aftermarket continues to be relevant, we also continue to see new transmissions go to market in the work truck industry.

Looking toward the future, new input gears are required for the TG Series. By keeping up with new input gear options for this PTO, the TG Series continues to be one of the most widely used PTOs in the industry and will remain to be such for years to come.