Who is Interpump Group?

June 20, 2023
Andrew Dawson – Manager Marketing & Advertising


Many within our industry still may not know much about our parent company, the Interpump Group. The Interpump Group is an Italian based, multinational organization that consists of 115 companies located in 34 countries, with an impact spanning across the world. Exceeding €2 billion in sales in 2022, Interpump Group continues to grow its footprint through both the sustainability of strong standing brands and the acquisition of new companies.

As noted on their website, Interpump Group was founded in 1977 in Sant’llario d’Enza, Italy, by Fulvio Montipò, who still serves as the chairman to this day. Fulvio Montipo led the efforts to produce high-pressure piston pumps that are more compact and manageable than the competition, becoming the world’s largest producer in just a few years. Beginning in the 1990s, Interpump Group began to expand beyond piston pumps by making acquisitions of leading manufacturing companies in other markets.

Today, Interpump Group is known globally as being the world’s largest producer of professional high-pressure piston pumps as well as the largest manufacturer of power take-offs (PTOs). Interpump Group is also one of the largest international players in the water jetting, flow handling, hydraulics, and power transmission markets.

Above is a map of all the Interpump Group locations across the 115 companies that make up the group.

Interpump Group takes pride in ensuring all acquired companies become a part of the Interpump Group, but also maintain their brands, organizational structure, and key components that make them successful.

In North America, Interpump Group continues to expand its footprint and has become one of the largest providers of PTOs, hydraulics, and power transmission products, with numerous industry-leading organizations offering a wide breadth of high-quality products.

Muncie Power Products joined the Interpump Group in 1999, which has provided opportunities to expand our product offerings in North America and more easily distribute our products globally. As a member of the Interpump Group, Muncie Power is the exclusive supplier of both Interpump Hydraulics and Interpump Fluid Solutions in North America.


Interpump Hydraulics is the combination of multiple well-know manufacturers with decades of experience in the work truck industry working together. Through this partnership, Muncie Power is able to expand its PTO and hydraulics offerings with the addition of products such as rear- and engine-mount PTOs, piston pumps, and tipper valves to North America while maintaining the high level of quality you trust.


Muncie Power is the only provider of Interpump Fluid Solutions in North America. Located in Europe, Interpump Fluid Solutions has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and is made up of multiple manufacturers who form one of the leading providers of hose, fittings, machines, and accessories across the world. Through this partnership, Muncie Power is able to offer a complete line of high-quality fluid conveyance products to North America.



Each of the companies listed below are members of the Interpump Group, and combine to make Interpump Group one of the largest providers in North America for PTOs, hydraulics, and power transmission products.


American Mobile Power is a leader in hydraulic reservoir manufacturing and distribution across North America. Customers have their choice of reservoirs from the standard product line or to have a custom reservoir made to their specific needs. American Mobile Power also provides a wide variety of materials to be used, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and polyethylene. By utilizing a variety of fabrication, welding, and finishing options, American Mobile Power is one of the top supplier in North America for reservoirs.





Hydra Dyne Technology designs and manufactures custom hydraulic components for heavy duty, off-road equipment. The company makes some of the world’s most reliable rotary joints, hydraulic cylinders, accumulators, and block manifolds that use our unique LocSeal™ technology.





Muncie Power is a leading manufacturer of PTOs and provider of fluid power components for the work truck industry. Although primarily known as a manufacturer of high-quality PTOs, Muncie Power is also a provider of hydraulic components and fluid conveyance products for the work truck industry and a variety of other hydraulic applications. To date, we offer a wide variety of products, including PTOs, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, motors, valves, reservoirs, filters, fluid conveyance products, and snow and ice control systems.



RR USA, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Reggiana Riduttori, a leading manufacturer of planetary reduction gears, wheel gears, and negative brakes. Since 1985, RR USA has supplied the North American market a variety of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components used in several industries. RR USA’s services include stocking, package assemblies, repair, engineered solutions, design, product development, and component selection.




Since 2015, Walvoil has been representing Interpump Group’s Valves Division by merging both the experience and products of Walvoil, Hydrocontrol, and Galtech. Among the leading manufacturers of integrated hydraulic products, electronics, and complete mechatronics systems, Walvoil continues to propel the future of motion power, by working closely with their customers and partners from different sectors and markets.

walvoilusa.com | walvoilcanada.com


Operating globally for over 50 years, White Drive Motors & Steering develops innovative, durable, high performing, and efficient hydraulic products across many market sectors and for the most challenging applications across the globe. With a commitment to quality, White Drive continues to invest in its engineering excellence and application know-how with teams who care and are easy to do business with to meet customers’ needs.



Together, these six companies serve nearly 30 industries, including agriculture, road building, renewable energy, forestry, and much more. You can see their locations across North America on the map below.