Careers at Muncie Power

"We believe that training our people is how we are going to succeed."

Andrew, Manager, Marketing & Advertising


At Muncie Power, opportunity takes on many forms throughout our organization.

Whether it is in our manufacturing facility, our research lab, or our corporate headquarters, opportunity for growth is one of our top priorities for our people. We ensure that every member of our team receives the time and resources needed to have a successful career at Muncie Power. We have an extensive training program that covers management coaching and product knowledge as well as external resources such as the Shafer Leadership Academy and The Academy for Community Leadership.


Successors Program and Emerging Leaders

Sustainability is crucial to our success in our industry. To ensure we continue that success into the future, we offer extensive training programs for future leaders within our company. These programs will help future leaders within our company effectively coach the next generation of employees.

Our Successors program is built to prepare future leaders for the next step as established leaders prepare for retirement. This program arms team members with management skills needed to be a successful leader at Muncie Power. 

Similar to the Successors program, our Emerging Leaders program helps us identify potential candidates to eventually become leaders within our organization. Emerging leaders will have the opportunity to learn what it is like to lead at Muncie Power while also developing key relationships with their peers. 


Educational Assistance Program

Available to all full-time employees in good standing with one year of continuous service, Muncie Power offers tuition assistance to achieve the following:

  • Technical certificates and Associate of Arts degrees (2-year degree)
  • Undergraduate degrees (Bachelor's degree)
  • Graduate degrees (Master's degree)

You work at your own speed and we will accommodate around your educational path. 




Opportunity often comes in stages. Zach started his career at Muncie Power in 2016 in our Shipping and Receiving Department at our Muncie, Indiana facility. Within a span of two years, Zach was promoted to TG Cell lead to a customer service manager to the position he holds now as a graphic designer. Zach's path is a great example of collaboration and relationship building, a pillar of our core competencies


Sometimes our paths aren't defined until we define them ourselves. Skylar started with us in 2012 in our Shipping and Receiving Department at our Muncie, Indiana facility. Much like others who followed a similar path, Skylar worked his way up in to our assembly cells, working with a multitude of products. With his expertise and knowledge about our products, Skylar was then promoted up in to the customer service team where he gained valuable relationships with key customers. Armed with this newfound skillset, Skylar then was promoted to a field sales manager, the position that he holds today. Skylar represents Muncie's values everyday.