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Core Competencies and Mission

Vision Statement

To be the first choice of industry professionals.


Mission Statement

We provide value by meeting the needs of our customers with easy, trouble-free solutions that continually increase trust and strengthen relationships.

Muncie Power Products has developed a set of core competencies that is instilled in our people that we believe sets us apart from other organizations. 



Acts and conducts business with honesty, integrity, and the highest of personal and professional character. Consistently treats everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. Understands, believes in, and lives the Company legacy of care for our customers, employees, and suppliers and those in the communities where we live and conduct business.




Quality and Commitment to Excellence

Displays pride in work and establishes high quality goals. Recognizes the importance of quality service and the importance of quality in providing a competitive advantage. Achieves the highest standards of quality and excellence.




Self-Management and Interpersonal Skill

Self-starter needing little or no direction. Is goal oriented and accomplishments focused. Effectively and productively engages with others and establishes trust, credibility, and confidence in working with others.




Collaboration and Relationship Building

Demonstrates the ability to work successfully with team members, employees, customers, and suppliers to maximize value and produce results. Uses thoughtful, effective, and consistent communication in collaborations with both internal and external partners.





Sought out by others for advice and solutions. Motivates, empowers, inspires, collaborates with, and encourages others. Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment and most solutions and suggestions turn out to be correct/accurate when judged over time.




Vision and Strategy

Recognizes the importance of strategic planning for the future of our Company. Understands that a certain amount of risk is inherent and necessary to achieve continued success and is not afraid of accepting risk.