Careers at Muncie Power

"If we have people that are taking pride in the work that they do here, we know that's going to translate right in to the product they are building." 

Dustin, Operations Manager


Here is what a typical day looks like as a team member at Muncie Power:

  • Hard work is rewarded and encouraged.
  • Work/life balance is crucial to your success.
  • Ask questions. Ask more questions. 
  • You'll understand how you fit in our goals.
  • Consistency is key. Work hours are steady.


By joining our team, you become an integral part of our success as well as the success of our customers.

Our customers are essential to the infrastructure of our country. Our customers are in your community. They build roads. They put out fires. They are there when your car breaks down on the side of the road. When there is a power outage, our customers are there. As a team member with Muncie Power, this approach will be part of your daily routine. We will never lose focus of what is important and that is to support our customer base.


Let's not forget a few important factors.

You'll gain relationships. You'll have the opportunity to get to know your coworkers and peers, both professionally and personally. Company cookouts, cornhole tournaments, and carry-ins are encouraged here. We will also provide you with the resources to develop, both professionally and personally. We are committed to providing all employees with opportunities to further their career, training, and education. See more about our training offerings.