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  • Muncie Power Products Receives 5 Star Achievewell Designation

Muncie Power Products receives 5 Star AchieveWELL designation

October 19, 2021
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist

Once again, Muncie Power Products’ wellness strategy has been recognized as a leader in Indiana. In August, the Wellness Council of Indiana recertified Muncie Power with the 5 Star AchieveWELL designation; Muncie Power received their initial certification in 2017.

Going through the process of being named a 5 Star AchieveWELL company required the Muncie Power Wellness Program to really reflect on their performance as well as to look toward the future. During the recertification process, the Wellness Program had to recognize that challenges that were brought on by the pandemic, too.

 “Over the last two years, we have had to be pretty flexible,” said Wellness Specialist Annette Payne.

AchieveWELL works with organizations of all levels to guide them to reach the next level of well-being with tools, templates, and coaching to deliver “comprehensive and consistent workplace well-being efforts.”

According to the Wellness Council of Indiana’s website, “AchieveWELL is not a contest, ranking, judgment or replacement of your wellness program. It is a strategic process intended to provide a roadmap to sustainable well-being efforts.”

Part of the strategic process that comes into well-being efforts deals with programming offered through an organization. It’s important to provide programs that help people get to where they want to and open doors to concepts they might not have known about.

“We have to work on ourselves. But we don’t live in a world where this is customary,” said Annette. “Which is where wellness comes in. Wellness can change the way we think. It can change the way we see the world, and the way we see ourselves.”

Creating programing comes from experiences and conversations of shared wisdom as well as the hope that people learn to give themselves grace, according to Annette.

Since its inception, the Wellness Program at Muncie Power has continued to grow, as shared by Corporate Manager Human Resources – East Rick Taylor, and more employees are learning about the eight dimensions of wellness—emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, occupational, community, and financial.  

The various programs and participation from employees make all the difference in creating a workplace that has an emphasis on wellness. Taking part in some of these programs also allows individuals the opportunity to learn other peoples’ perspective and explore possibilities while being okay with personal growth.

“Wellness is just not eating broccoli and exercising,” said Rick.

For the 5 Star certification, the Wellness Council of Indiana “evaluates how you have cultivated a culture of wellness throughout the organization,” according to their website.

“Being selected for the stringent qualifications for the 5 Star AchieveWELL Certification is an honor,” said Rick. “Receiving our recertification reinforces our desire of being a ‘well’ company.”

Muncie Power is one of 34 participating organizations to receive the 5 Star AchieveWELL designation, and one of seven in Muncie. This designation and the Wellness Program wouldn’t be possible without the support of the leadership team at Muncie Power, the HR and People Development teams, and employees.

“Muncie Power is committed to wellness because of our people first philosophy,” said Annette. “It’s support like this that allows for wellness to flourish.”