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Save time and improve efficiency with custom hydraulic hose assembly kits

June 13, 2023
Tom Leman – Group Director – Fluid Conveyance Products

Installing equipment or repairing a work truck can sometimes take a lot of time you don’t have.   

That’s where customized kitting and pre-made assemblies come into play, whether your truck works in construction, agriculture, forestry, utility, material handling, or another market.

Having the exact hydraulic hose, fittings, and accessories needed for each application means there is no need to search for the right parts or make do with suboptimal solutions.

You can optimize your manufacturing process and better manage your inventory. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and, ultimately, cost savings.

Customization is a critical aspect of creating a hose assembly and adapter kit because it allows you to find solutions that perfectly match your specific truck and requirements. Creating a custom kit can help eliminate inefficiencies within the manufacturing process, by providing the exact components needed during the installation. The kits also include custom labeled assemblies and packaging, so the parts are easily identifiable throughout your manufacturing process.  

An image of several hydraulic hose assemblies with labels attached near the fittings in a pile.

Labeling hydraulic hose assemblies help ensure correct line is installed on the truck.

With a wide range of hoses, fittings, adapters, and sleeves available, you can choose the right material, lengths, size, and configuration to ensure your kits are simple to implement.

Muncie Power Products’ team of experienced technicians and assemblers can help design and assemble the components to meet the required specifications for ease of installation and optimal performance.

To guarantee the kits meet your expectations, we collaborate and provide a hassle-free process during the design phase. During this process, you can test initial prototypes for evaluation and confirmation of high quality and fit on your application. Once the design is approved, our team will work quickly to produce the kits.

An image of a flat lay showing various parts of a custom kit and what can be included in a kit.

Above is an example of some of the products that can be included in your custom kit. Your requirements determine what goes in your kit.

Muncie Power is the only provider of Interpump Fluid Solutions’ top-of-the-line fluid conveyance products. Interpump Fluid Solutions, Muncie Power’s sister company, is one of the leading providers of hose, fittings, machines, and accessories around the world. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, Interpump Fluid Solutions is a trusted producer of high-quality fluid conveyance solutions that are engineered and tested to work together. 


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