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'Tis the season to prep your snow plow truck for winter

November 23, 2020
Kevin Woehler – Group Manager – Technology Solutions Group


They often say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As we near the winter months, now is the time to prepare your plow truck for winter operations. 

Here are a few suggestions our Muncie Power Products Snow & Ice Division recommend to ensure your snow and ice systems are running at peak performance:


1.  Oil and filter 

Change the hydraulic oil and swap out filter elements. If you are feeling really adventurous, clean the bottom of the reservoir where debris tends to collect over time.

Hydraulic oil filters


2. Hose and fittings

Check all hydraulic lines for wear or damage and replace as needed. Likewise, inspect the system for leaks and tighten fittings when appropriate.    

Hose and fittings


3. Harnessing, air lines, and cable controls

Deicing agents can be extremely corrosive. Take time to inspect wire harnesses and connectors, and verify they are corrosion free. Fill connectors with dielectric grease when appropriate and consider wrapping certain harnessing with high performance tape when appropriate. 

Alternately, visually inspect air lines, and consider changing out old control cables. It’s much easier to address corrosion issues now versus the middle of winter when ice is caked on the truck. 

Cable controls


4. Functional and pressure testing

Actuate each cylinder and motor function to verify the system is fully operable. Monitor the pressures from the spreader motors to verify system is not running at main relief during normal operation. You may also consider deadheading each cylinder function to verify the system is able to build to maximum pressure. 


5. Spreader performance

Consider locking in the spreader gate heights where appropriate and perform a weighed dump calibration. Make sure the equipment is dialed in before a storm to ensure maximum system accuracy. 


6. Pre-wet performance

If applicable, verify the pre-wet systems are fully operable and nozzles are appropriately adjusted.  Electric and hydraulic driven pre-wet pumps can be notorious at seizing after sitting for a long duration.  


7. Parts inventory

Winter operations can be straining to equipment. Check your spare parts inventory and make sure you are prepared for the unexpected to minimize equipment downtime. 


8. Contact Muncie Power

Reach out to Muncie Power for further help on tuning your systems. We are here to help: 800-367-7867.