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  • New Omni System Controller Provides Smoother Operation For Snow And Ice Control

Omni-System™ Controller provides smoother operation for snow and ice control

May 01, 2020
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist

Omni-System console setupThe new Omni-System™ Controller is the perfect mid-level solution for snow and ice control.

This new controller provides the ultimate balance between performance, economy, convenience, and safety while being intuitive and extremely easy to set up and operate.

It utilizes CAN BUS communication between the in-cab controls and hydraulic valves, which means minimal conductors are required to be routed externally to the cab. “Due to the corrosive nature of deicing agents, eliminating wires, and wire bundles is critical to reliable and failsafe operation,” said Sales Director – Technology Solutions Group Randy Fowler.

The Omni-System Controller features a tactile and easy-to-use layout and provides limited data logging.

Group Manager – Technology Solutions Group Kevin Woehler said, “The new controller, paired with an enhanced hydraulic setup, supports flow sharing among functions and optimum motion control.”

Because of this enhanced setup, users will be able to notice a more responsive and smoother operation with the controller.


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