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Patented Quiet Technology featured in the F22 Series PTO for new Ford F-650 and F-750 Diesel Trucks

March 03, 2023
Jim Abbott – Product Planning and Application Engineer

For new 2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 diesel trucks in tow and recovery, refuse, dump, utility, and snow plow markets, Muncie Power Products released the F22 Series power take-off (PTO). This PTO features a new 8-bolt mounting pad for the 10R140 TorqShift® heavy-duty, 10-speed automatic transmission.


An image of the F22 Series PTO with a focus on the patented gear rattle abatement technology.

The F22 Series PTO shown with the spring-loaded, gear rattle abatement technology highlighted.


The F22 Series shares the same patented gear rattle abatement technology that is featured in the F20 Series PTO. It consists of a spring-loaded input gear carrier that absorbs torsional vibrations coming from the truck’s engine.

There are several pump options are the F22 Series. In total, Muncie Power has five pump series with a range of pressures and displacements that are compatible with the F22 Series.




The S Series hoist pump, which has not been able to fit on a Ford chassis, is available for single axle dump trucks. It is important to note that the tight envelope will necessitate air shifting of the pump; so, the truck will need to be ordered with an air compressor from the factory or equipped with one via the aftermarket.

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With the launch of the F22 Series PTO, comes the introduction of the new RPM module for Ford. The module features a plug & play wire harness, and replaces both the relay and potentiometer (as found on previous harnesses for PTO applications on Ford). Instead of adjusting a potentiometer to dial in the desired truck engine RPM, the module utilizes simple buttons to either raise or lower the engine RPMs in 50 RPM intervals. There are also diagnostic codes that indicate if the SEIC circuit is not allowing PTO engagement, or if there is a short circuit somewhere in the system.

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Additionally, for applications involving compressors or generators, the Muncie Start® modulated clutch engagement system will be available as an option. The Muncie Start eliminates torque spikes upon startup, which protects your system to increase the life of the PTO and driven mechanical components.

Most importantly, model year 2024 gas engine F-650 and F-750 trucks will continue to use the Ford 6R140 transmission, which requires the FR6Q Series PTO. Smaller Ford chassis—for both gas and diesel engine trucks, from F-250 to F-600—will continue to come equipped with the 10R140 transmission, which requires the F20 Series PTO.

An image of the RPM module for Ford that allows for a plug and play connection

RPM Module


An image of the Muncie Start module that is compatable with the F22 Series PTO.

Muncie Start