Hydraulic Pumps for Power Take-offs on Ford Trucks

February 28, 2022
Andrew Dawson – Manager of Marketing and Advertising

Configuring a pump for Ford trucks with a power take-off (PTO) can oftentimes be tricky due to the limited clearance around the PTO and transmission. Because of the space constraint, large, direct mount pumps are not available to use.

Fortunately, Muncie Power Products offer numerous pump options compatible with our PTOs for Ford trucks—including pumps with specifically modified housings to ensure a fit.

Below is a list of the available pumps and which PTOs and trucks they are applicable to for Ford transmissions.



The PF Series pumps are the most common pump used with Muncie Power PTOs used on Ford trucks. These pumps provide the ultimate performance in a small packaging and are ideal for applications requiring low flow. Our PF Series pumps are available in 11 different models, ranging in flow from 1–8.7 GPM at 1000 RPM. Most common applications for the PF4 Series include aerial utility trucks, tree chippers, small refuse trucks, lift gates, roll-offs, and snow plows. The PF4 Series pump is compatible with all our PTOs for Ford and can be used on both 4x4 and 4x2, but pump size may be limited on a gas 4x4 application.

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The PH Series gear pump includes modifications to the pump rear cover to allow optimum compatibility with our F20 and FR6Q series PTOs. Enhanced design features—including elimination of side ports and the removal of nearly ½" of material from the suction side of the housing—provide increased clearance of the floorboard. The PH Series pump is available in six different models, ranging in flow from 3–11 GPM at 1000 RPM. The PH Series pumps are only available to be used on 4x2 chassis and are commonly used on wreckers, bucket trucks, cranes, snow plows, and car carriers.

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On Ford transmissions, the PK Series gear pump is compatible with all PTOs for Ford, but the standard gear housing will be replaced with the S Series gear housing for use on F20 and FR6Q series PTOs. Our PK Series is available with three models at 6, 13, and 17 GPM at 1000 RPM. The PK Series pumps are only applicable to 4x2 chassis only and are often used on cranes, service trucks, cable lifts, wreckers, car carriers, snow plows, and roll-offs.

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The Optimum W Series pump is available for use only with our FR6Q Series PTO on F-650 and F-750 trucks. This robust design allows higher operating pressures than typical pumps and a modified housing allows it to fit with these Ford trucks. Optimum W Series’ robust design allows higher operating pressures than typical gear pump applications. The Optimum W Series is available in eight models, ranging from 6–21 GPM at 1000 RPM. This pump is often used on material handling, mining, construction, and agriculture applications requiring higher pressures.

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The PT2-025 bent axis piston pump is a high efficiency pump designed for applications requiring higher pressures and low flow rates. This pump requires the “UU” output code and is only applicable with the F20 Series PTO in one model: the 6.75 GPM at 1000 RPM. The PT2-025 Series is often used on cranes, high pressure hoists, and grapple trucks.

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It is critical to take the utmost care when configuring a hydraulic pump for your application, and we highly recommend consulting our customer service team to ensure the proper pump is chosen.